George Becker, former owner of Synergy Boat Lifts, Inc., Ft. Myers, FL

IMM Boat Lifts designed and fabricated a Davit (hoist) for our Work Boat for no cost, which enabled us to retrieve the prop and nose Landing gear. This work and piece of equipment would normally cost $10,000- $15,000. George Becker is the President of the company. He did most of the work himself including the design and layout work. His welders and fitters did all of the fabrication. George believed in what we were doing on behalf of the MIA crewmembers, and wanted to help any way he could.

“Fiberglass” Bob Gutierrez

Bob Gutierrez was one of the original divers to work on the B26 Marauder with Capt. Tim Wicburg on the salvage of the aircraft throughout the 90s. Working from the “Lucky Lady”,  they recovered four of the 50 caliber machine guns among many other artifacts. In 1993 Bob also worked with Mark Appleby the exhibit designer at the Fort Myers Historical Museum, to exhibit these machine guns. Bob’s participation made our many expeditions possible!